Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Despite the promise of her family name, Barbera can't rest. In fact, none of us really can. Here's why:

We just launched Spring 2010 to the trade and are busy preparing for it's showcase at Bread & Butter in Berlin. There's lots going on for next Spring, but then again there's a boat load of new stories and details a little closer at hand in the form of the Fall 2009 collection which will be appearing in shop before we know it. Since we don't mind confusing blog-readers we'll be sharing some news on both. For Fall there are stories pending like the 1KILO MELTON.

But the reason Barbera van Rest can't rest right now is that all 10 of the limited edition Boro Spy Jacket samples she worked on for Bread & Butter have arrived in the studio. Obviously only a few DENHAM retailers will be getting examples of these when Spring 2010 hits the stores (in what will seem ages from now), but more folks will get a chance to see them during the upcoming event in Berlin where they'll all be on display.

Each style is cut by hand from one-of-a-kind genuine Japanese Boro textiles. Boro refers to the culture of itinerant workers in Japan who, like American sharecroppers during the heyday of original denim culture, created handstitched work clothing which demonstrated high levels of resourcefulness and artisan facility. Fabrics were sewn together from scraps and dyed in natural indigo (very like Blue Jeans). Patch and repair work is also done by hand and the tones, textures and pattern-play is unique in the world of indigo.

Beyond tying to the spirit of authentic sharecropper denim in several ways, this project also ties to the wider culture of Japan itself where much of the world's best denim now comes from. Original narrow-loom machinery was purchased by the Japanese when America moved to mass-production and the Japanese have been evolving the high-craft element of denim production ever since. DENHAM is partnered with inspiring collaborators in Japan and we employ Japanese selvedge denim in key styles and core models throughout the collection.