Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Spring and Summer have been playing a little hard-to-get recently. Morning chills and surprise thunder-showers, but that's part of Amsterdam's charm. The temperature inside our store next to the studio here has been heating up steadily regardless of the weather outside and a bunch of the Spring styles have sold-out. The phenomenon makes us glad we were able to do so some re-ordering but it also has us thinking about the first Fall deliveries which will begin to drop at the end of next month.

Because we have the patience of 2-year olds, we're gonna start talking a little bit about the coming Fall in some new entries here. This is the first of those.

If you're lucky enough to find a Melton wool quality that is dense enough to measure a full kilo when a meter of the stuff is thrown on a scale you get to call it 1-KILO MELTON.

We've developed a fabric meeting that standard and used it to create a focused range of outerwear styles for Fall.

For instance, the MEDIC men's sportcoat.

The style was inspired by a WW2 POW-Medic's traditional sportcoat from our DENHAM GARMENT LIBRARY. We worked to update the concept while paying respectful homage to the utility, ruggedness and natural sense of swagger of the original. The Medic along with the other 1-KILO MELTON styles will be unleashed in the shop as Fall begins to land.