Monday, July 6, 2009


Leonard Cohen wrote it. The Antecedents reworked it. Last week, we lived it.

Honestly we hope these posts are read by folks other than industry types, so for the benefit of those who wear jeans for love instead of selling them for money we'll provide a lightnening-fast account of Bread & Butter.

Here goes:

A. Big giant trade show in Berlin. B. Jeanmakers set-up. C. Store buyers visit. D. Wares are shown. E. Flesh is pressed. F. Final consumers are left almost entirely out of the equation which is a damn shame really.

This season the organizers of the show in Berlin created a much needed area for what they described as Labels of Common Kin, or L.O.C.K. Among other characatersisticss the brands housed in the space were meant to represent "substantial craftsmanship". We were invited and we were pleased to be in such good company. This is supposed to be our blog but we'll extend a shout-out to folks like England's Nigel Cabourn, Montreal's Naked & Famous and Ibara city in Okayama's PH7 all whose work was inspiring.

Given the industry focus of these escepades we're left with slightly mixed feelings. We want to pay as much attention to the craft, detail and innovation of the presentation as we do on the product but we're mildly bummed that it's not something everyone gets to see. To ease the pain a little we extended our store-concept as the atmoshpere of the booth so your visit with us in Amsterdam should hopefully have the same vibe.

But, it's not a store, it's a trade-show. So it goes up in a matter of days and the process looks a bit like the impressions we've provided here.