Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The first Fall deliveries have been in long enough now that it's been possible to put around 4 weeks of straight wear on the new straight-legs. The classic 5-pocket GRADE models arrived and at least one pair was put to quick use. Summer was waning but there was one last chance to try a near mythical 70's era hippy wash technique. Call it the Hippy Dippy..., -Well maybe.

Simple and probably not overly hygienic since soap is only applied directly to the outside surface, but hell if you scrub enough and rinse enough it should be fresher coming out than when it went in. Since the GRADE is a new style the window of opportunity to put the full 6-months worth of miles on them before washing was restricted. But the model is also a heritage-design and benefits a little from shrink-back once it's stretched out in the first few weeks. Not exactly shrink-to-fit. More like a shot of botox or a modest tuck to get things back closer to where they started.

We chose the South of France for the experiment. It's a dirty job but somebody had to try it.