Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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Friday, December 4, 2009

COLLUSION: Denham and EnPlus


The official introduction of the EnPlus/Denham Collusion Series marks the project coming out of months of secret meetings and into the winter light of Amsterdam in December. The series includes the 495 Japanese Dry Selvedge, the 459 American Standard and the Revised Staple White Tee. Each of the three represents a meeting of the minds of EnPlus and Denham.

Malvin Wix, Gee Schmidt and Edson Sabajao AKA Patta have a proven track-record of identifying, participating-in, filtering and combining style influences with a level of distinction and individuality that can only be born from lifetimes fully submersed in the unpredictable but ultimately harmonious mix of expressive cultures which have been capturing their imaginations since they were kids.

The combined vision they've manifested within their existing Patta concept has received international respect deriving as much from the trio's personal integrity as it does from the carefully curated rare sneaker assortment for which the store is world renowned. Patta's selection has a reputation for flair, taste, cool, authenticity and fun and the service culture the team have nurtured in the shop has always reflected these exact same values.


But that's Patta. Their new shop Precinct 5 which opens next week on December 10th sits within a retired Amsterdam police station (the former 5th precinct) and represents a completely new step in their entrepreneurial evolution and their new product design platform.


EnPlus is now emerging as the product-based expression of this next evolutionary stage. The crew approached Denham to collude on an inaugural program of co-branded items in honor of the birth of their new shop and the emergence of their new brand.

The concept includes two equally pure approaches to the iconic 5-pocket along with the kind of fresh white tee shirt we used to scoop-up in double packs, crack open and wear right off the card, fold lines and all.


Named for the address of the Denham store in Amsterdam, the premium edition is crafted in 22-dip Japanese narrow-loom selvedge and features anodized trumpet-shank buttons on the fly. Other details like the full waistband embroidery; "Honorable Men Go With Honorable Men,", the high gloss black leather waistband label with EnPlus emboss, black twill interior fly taping and interior pocketbag imprint are all common to both denim styles.


Named for the new address of the Precinct Five store, the core edition is made from classic 8-dip American denim and features a traditional button fly. The other details like the full waistband embroidery; "Honorable Men Go With Honorable Men,", the high gloss black leather waistband label with EnPlus emboss, black twill interior fly taping and interior pocketbag imprint are all present here too.


The project has been characterized by an positivistic realness embodied by Wix, Gee and Edson. Jean culture attracts purism like knees attract grass-stains but there are endless types of purism when it comes to denim. In the case of the EnPlus crew one core element of the blue jean design dogma is the all-important cuff with. The discussion surrounding the ideal cuff width was long, rigerous and exacting. For those of us on the Denham team it was an unexpected chance to witness a spin on jean oriented passion that was entirely new. Even Jason with decades of denim experience hadn't been exposed to this particular orientation before.


The cuff matters because the kicks matter. Stupid. Why else? Jeans need to look good with your kicks, or the other way around. High top, low top, mid, padded leather, unlined canvas... Getting that key measurement to work with 'em all is no mean trick.


Reaching back to the days when we would crack open a 2-pack of white tee shirts with the broad self-satisfied grin of guys that can put off the laundry for another weekend, the Collusion tee shirts are offered two-at-a-time in a subtle slub-jersey and feature articulated lower hem-drop creating shirt tails that are part of DENHAM's own tee signature launching within their Spring 2010 assortment.


The three styles in the Collusion series are offered only at the new PRECINCT FIVE shop opening December 10th, and starting at the same time they will also be presented in our own Amsterdam store on the Pinsengracht.