Thursday, September 17, 2009


We're pretty determined to resist celebrity postings here. We're trying to maintain a basic focus on product. -Its inspiration, design, research and development. So forgive us for exhibiting our own case of star-struck syndrome on this one.

But the fact is that we're daily motivated by the possibility that the work we do and the stuff we create could play some small part in the grand historical trajectory of jeanscraft and utility tailoring itself. That's why we were so stoked when Adriano Goldschmidt and Francois Girbaud elected to spend some time in our world during the first L.O.C.K. event during Bread & Butter in Berlin.

As they did for anyone who shares our obsessions, these gentlemen set the pace from the very moment the appeared on the landscape of denim design and they continue to represent the gold-standard within our tradition. The idea that our work turned their heads even briefly is humbling. So humbling in fact we began to think we'd imagined it until the folks at Bread & Butter published their photograph of the occasion in their recap this week.

Since all this happened Adriano has also gifted Jason with a copy of a legendary artifact from earlier days. Jason had seen a group photo of The Genius Group posted on the wall at one of our Italian development partners. The image features some legendary young faces with Adriano and Renzo Rosso leading the charge but with the list of luminaries extending much much further.

His gift is now in our Denham Garment Library archive. Check it out and see how many you can name.