Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We promised we'd start leaking out some love stories for Fall 2009 since it'll be delivering in the not-too-distant future (and because we're stoked about the progress it represents and we can't wait to start banging our pots and pans).

We go on and on about the DENHAM GARMENT LIBRARY and the crucial importance of an archive. You can't build something strong on a weak foundation and, for us, the archive and the combined tradition and craftsmanship it teaches us represents that foundation.

But we're also not about managing the reproduction of one-to-one replicas of old garments. We readily confess our deep admiration for many of the brands who are busy with that idea in the emerging "Otaku" scene because some of them demonstrate great taste and good quality, but the direct approach isn't exactly our bag.

We'd prefer to try and pick up where our predecessors and contemporaries may have left off and try to push things forward.

Arriving in the Fall collection is the new CUSTOM jean and it's a good example of this ambition. Taking inspiration from German field pants of the 1930's blended with detailing from American hunting pants from the 50's and new ideas from contemporary wintersport designs, the CUSTOM strives to create progression by folding diverse influences together into a rugged modern jean model for this millennium.