Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, Bob spelled backward is boB...  -I guess.  A name with great balance, and around here we talk about balance all the time. But a certain Bob's cue-card flipping stroke of filmic genius has a style that's been bitten by so many others we figured we'd jump in and loot it too.  Maybe in the crowd of like-minded copycats nobody would notice us sneaking off with the concept.  When we reviewed the tape backwards by accident we all looked at each other with the same thought; we should probably play it backwards on purpose.


Sorry to Mr. Dylan for joining the thieving frenzy and tearing our own little chunk out of his original idea. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Thanks to David Gensler over at the KDU who trusted us with pre-release poloroids of examples from his own amazing collection of tailors' shears.  As fellow collectors we should have respected his request that we not publish them, but we went and stuck 'em in the video anyway.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the moment when he publishes his own photo-journal of the full collection, it's sure to be amazing.


Seems ages ago I was standing in the airport in New Delhi after my holiday. A bit blue to leave India but excited to get back to work.

The airport there is always a feast for the eyes, particularly for people-watchers. Right in front of me a group of lovely looking nuns, maybe returing from missionary work. The pleating of their habits reminded me of one of the shirts in our DENHAM GARMENT LIBRARY archive. Also in the cue were maybe a dozen men from Rajasthan. Super cool faces, clothes, colors, textures.

The men's turbans were amazing. The "tray-table in front of me" on the flight home is where I began sketching up a top combining plisse and heavy twisting techniques.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The opening of the D E N H A M store marks the launch of the Blue Salad Bar. Visitors pick the riveting, shank-button specification, key-pocket ringback button, back-pocket four-hole button and leather waistband patch.

Any selection from any color-set in any combination ready for pick-up in 7 days. No, we're not the first but that doesn't make it any less fun. Besides, in our case the salad is tossed by Jason himself on the weekends and uses only our freshest ingredients. Time will tell if he'll look back at this as a good idea or not. In the meantime we're taking advantage of his good nature.

For His the Dart. Japanese selvedge denim given refined shape using our own twist on the traditional "tailorwise arts"; Darted articulation [darticulated...?], fully tailored waistband, boxed button-holes, bound flies, leather rivet-bushings and the signature 7-point pocket pattern.

For Hers, the Skinny. Premium finishing inspired by the mens' collection and featuring a slight dash of stretch to realize the optimum balance of shape and comfort.

495 MEET 493. 493 THIS IS 495

For the last few months we've been spoiled. Tucked away in our new design studio here at 493 Prinsengracht regularly reminded of our luck by the steady soundtrack of "whoa shit, nice studio..." salutations we get from friends stopping by.

Cool digs indeed and we're daily aware of the privildedge of spending our time here.  But none of us wants to horde it all to ourselves and now that the shop is completed, it just got a whole lot easier for folks to come share the atmosphere.

The D E N H A M Store has now opened next door to us at 495 Prinsengracht.  Just a single plate-glass door between the studio and the shop, it's the set-up we all dreamed of having at the places we used to work, but never managed to pull off before.  Thanks to everyone for joining us on the big night.  -And, for the rest of you, swing by and say "hey" when you get a chance.