Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Princess Maxima opens 'Arnhem Mode Biennale' with a pair of scissors from DENHAM

Opening Arnhem Mode Biënnale 2009 from HotKitchenOven on Vimeo.

In fashion there's maybe no better symbol of the crucial importance of collaboration than a pair of tailor's scissors. Two blades working together to cut clean graceful curves through the most rugged country cloth and the finest silk. The 'Arnhem Mode Biennale' manifests the spirit of this metaphor, representing Culture and Industry working together on the platform of fashion,
for which Arnhem has become world renowned thanks to ArtEZ and the international profile of its graduates.

Jason Denham's new DENHAM label celebrates a similar interaction.
The brand concept could be described as "two blades of tradition and innovation working together". This idea is manifested beautifully in a pair of antique French tailor's scissors from the DENHAM GARMENT LIBRARY. The pair was used by Princess Maxima when she officially cut the ribbon and opened the Biennale this Friday 5th of June.
The event, which creates a stage for designs from more then 80 international designers, was a perfect outing for the classic French blades. Securely returned now to the DGL, we're proud they were of use for our Princess and the Arnhem Mode Biennale.