Thursday, May 7, 2009


Whilst we strive to worship tradition occasionally we take a moment to worship our worshippers. So it gives us great pride to post these images from one of our admirers, and one of Hollands finest talents: Junkie XL, on his recent tour of Japan. Playing host to a crowd of happy clubbers at a Tokyo fashion event, and wearing his favourite relaxed fit D A R T Denhams.

Whilst Tom insists the "hands-in-the-air" are for his record mixing tenacity, we are of the opinion his Japan Vintage Light washed denims are getting their own rapturous round of applause.

But there are more strings to Tom's bow than spinning the wheels to a thronging mass. Always evolving his techniques from DJing to producing, creating soundtracks, tweaking the geeks on computer games, and even taking the time to teach young kids the joys of making music. Anybody who uses their knowledge to better someone elses is a hero in our book.

We salute Junkie XL.