Tuesday, July 7, 2009


A friend of ours is getting married. We'll leave him his privacy but we thought the project we helped him with might provide some council for other folks investigating bespoke.

His idea was to create a fully tailored wedding suit using our selvedge denim. Cool enough.

Whether he anticipated this or not, his concept essentially sets up a glorious collision between two giants of menswear tradition. Beau Brummel and Jacob Davis. The former considered the father of modern suiting and a legendary arbiter of style. The later being the crazy utility tailor and sometime tinker who risked ridicule by slamming machine-rivets into work pants creating the archetypal blue jean.

We've got an addiction to both around here so the request captured our imaginations. We suggested our fabric be crafted into suiting by New Tailor, with ateliers here in Amsterdam and Utrecht. They work in consort with a team of artisans on Savile Row in Mayfair, former stomping ground of the original "Beau" mentioned above.

We were also honored to be the last stop for the finished suit. Jason attached the (kissing) and other buttons here at the studio where our denim fabric was re-introduced to our signature findings in the final stretch of the suit's completion.