Thursday, April 23, 2009


When the first batch of up-to-spec Tapers & Cutters showed up in the studio it marked the real birth of the label. That kind of symbolism wasn't lost on the half dozen folks working here at the time. Sentimental blokes who were also jonzing to finally pull a pair of the things on.

So they made a pact.

The deal was that they'd put 'em on and essentially leave them on for 9 months.

The four butt-cheeks above (3 Tapers and a Cutter) begin to tell the rest of the story.

The full jeans, front and back, map out aspects of the four different slices of life spent in them. We'll eventually get around to uploading additional images of each in the DENHAM GARMENT LIBRARY. When we do you'll see the way indigo, cotton, stitching, weather, sun and time work together to reveal who carries soft-pack cigarettes, who cycles to work, who spends most of the day on his ass in an SUV, who carries two mobile phones and who regularly drops to his knees to examine prototypes on the sample-room floor.

Just like life, 9 months in gestation and the brand is well-and-truly born.