Wednesday, January 28, 2009

495 MEET 493. 493 THIS IS 495

For the last few months we've been spoiled. Tucked away in our new design studio here at 493 Prinsengracht regularly reminded of our luck by the steady soundtrack of "whoa shit, nice studio..." salutations we get from friends stopping by.

Cool digs indeed and we're daily aware of the privildedge of spending our time here.  But none of us wants to horde it all to ourselves and now that the shop is completed, it just got a whole lot easier for folks to come share the atmosphere.

The D E N H A M Store has now opened next door to us at 495 Prinsengracht.  Just a single plate-glass door between the studio and the shop, it's the set-up we all dreamed of having at the places we used to work, but never managed to pull off before.  Thanks to everyone for joining us on the big night.  -And, for the rest of you, swing by and say "hey" when you get a chance.