Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We've reformatted our site. Well, for the first time really but give us a break, we're only a year old. Sadly now, there'll be precious little reason to visit us again here at the blog. Except maybe for nostalgia's sake. Happily, the new site is pretty much a fancy blog. Real fancy compared to what you may have come to expect from us online up to now.

CLICK HERE to hop over to the new site. Where each card reveals a story which represents one facet of what we work on around here. Shuffle the deck and flip through the collections, the garment library, the studio and shops, press reports and witness the emergence of a Cutter´s Council... Like our original blog, its designed in time with no beginning nor end, through resourceful innovation and experimentation. It´s a decorated blog. A tailor-made homepage. We hope to fascinate but are equally prepared to frustrate.

NOTE: If you've visited our main URL before, you might need to "empty cache" (whatever that means) to get it to load the first time.