Wednesday, October 7, 2009


After promising to minimize the whole celebrity thing, we'll need to amend the contract just this once. Forgive us and consider this a simple extension of the previous post.

Anyway, we'll keep it short. It was a big week for the crew at the studio. Nigel Cabourn and Drew Holmes were with us for a few days fresh from the opening of their new Army Gym concept in Japan. The fact Nigel's 40 year commitment to quality and stubburn-as-hell personal design ethic is an inspiration to us will come as no surprise.

As if that weren't enough (and it really would have been), G-Star's legendary Pierre Morisset walked through the door. A magic moment and a spontaneous meeting-of-the-minds ensued. If the rest of us need to wear vintage Elwoods and Budgie Jackets for a while keep the spark of that energy alive in the studio then, damn it, that's what we'll do. Whatever it takes.