Friday, March 13, 2009


This weekend is TEFAF. It's the world's largest art fair.

The crew at over at Accent Circonflexe were kind enough to invite us to get little artsy-fartsy with our message, asking us to create a special display for their shop timed to coincide with the fair.

We're not above boosting good ideas (we've already apologized to Bob Dylan for the same crime here on the blog) and this time we stole a bit of attitude from the artist E.V. Day. We can relate to the obsession for detail, the fascination with taking things apart to learn more about them, and the impulse to blow things up in order to move them forward.

A lunchtime trip to the local hardware store followed by a late-night adventure with low level power tools resulted in our contribution to TEFAF's invasion of Maastricht. Call it the Art of Jeanscraft. Call it Worship Tradition, Destroy Convention, call it an artsy homework assignment... a diorama (kijkdoos) for grown-ups. Check it out if you're lucky enough to visit the event and tell the folks at Accent Circonflexe we said, 'thanks'.